If you’ve visited other memoir sites, you’ve already encountered lots of reasons why memoirs matter, most of them having to do with the importance of legacy and the preservation of family stories from generation to generation. I agree with all of them. History matters. Stories matter. Families matter.

There is also evidence that memoirs are good for you, a healthy thing to do for mind, body and spirit. A Google search will uncover things like this.

I also have a selfish reason for wanting to help you create your memoir. I’ve been writing my own memoir, off and on, for a few years now and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had at a keyboard. It’s very much a work in progress, created for a very select audience – my kids and their kids. So far, it consists mostly of recollections, hopefully humorous, of various youthful follies and escapades, created primarily to show my grandkids that I wasn’t always such a fuddy-duddy.  You can see an example in the Portfolio section.  It’s called Private Trusty.

What I’ve discovered is that the process of creating a memoir, the process of remembering your own life in detail, revisiting the people, places, events, moments, feelings, images, sights, sounds, and flavors that make up our stories is deeply enriching. When you start really concentrating on the life you’ve lived, when you conjure it in as much detail as you can, it’s amazing what you’ll find.

And that’s the most important answer to the question – why memoir?