Why Past Imperfect Memoirs?

Picking a domain name is a bit like naming a child. You want something distinctive but not weird. You want it to be memorable in a good way. You want it to have longevity – you don’t want to wake up some morning, look at your website and say, “what was I thinking?!”

Of course, with domain names, you can’t always get what you want, to coin a phrase. Your top choice may be taken. And all the experts say you really want a dot com domain name and nothing else. Not dot net or dot us or dot whatever. Just dot com.

I had several domain names in mind when I started my search. I thought “What Just Happened?” was kind of catchy but I was afraid it would sound smart-alecky. Besides, I’d rather save it for my epitaph. I thought about “Tell It Like It Was” but my wife said it was too derivative. “Yeah, but it’s Aaron Neville,” I countered, “so it’s cool.” She insisted I needed something original.

Eventually, I came up with Past Imperfect Memoirs. I had to add ‘Memoirs’ because Past Imperfect was taken by some grammar site in England, but that’s okay. Without ‘memoirs’, you wouldn’t know what I’m doing. I tried the name out on a few people and they mostly liked it but a couple of them said it should be “Past Perfect”, not “Imperfect.” I disagreed and the reason is very simple: people don’t have perfect lives and even if they did, who’d want to read about them?   More importantly, at least from my point of view, who’d want to write about them? Certainly not me. I want hiccups and warts and failures along with the good stuff. I want the agony of defeat at least as much as the thrill of victory because that’s where the character is. Your imperfections make you unique. Obviously, we’re all imperfect, but only you have your particular set of imperfections. And they’re what I’m interested in.  They make you you.

So that’s why I chose Past Imperfect Memoirs.  Dot com.

January 23, 2018